Think globally, act locally

Giving back to our local communities

2017 Foundation Funds

Windermere Real Estate/Lane County donated $13,504 from local real estate commission checks last year to the following organizations: School Garden Project, Shelter Care, Food for Lane County, Looking Glass and Center for Community Counseling.

Windermere Foundation regionally collected over $330,000 in donations in the first quarter of 2018. Windermere Real Estate has raised $35,869,961 raised since 1989. A total of $521,916 has been donated so far this year to help organizations provide services to low-income and homeless families in our communities.

Additionally, each year individual Windermere offices schedule a Community Service Day where the community is the focus through a specific, highly focused work day which has an impact locally. For Windermere Real Estate/Lane County this will mean another year working at Grassroots Garden on June 6th.

Grassroots is affiliated with Food for Lane County and grows 60,000 pounds of food to assist Lane County residents each year. The Windermere Community Service Day is helpful to Grassroots as it is a kick off for the coming growing season where major land clearing, soil amendment, planting and weeding are accomplished, and new planting areas such as the 2017 Windermere Blueberry Patch are established.

Community Service Day

Creating vibrant communities is one of the things that inspire our Windermere network to be involved in service projects that make things a little brighter for all our neighbors. Supporting the communities Windermere serves is at the core of our company’s formation and growth.

Every year, Windermere associates dedicate a day of work to complete neighborhood improvement projects as part of Windermere’s Community Service Day.

Community Service Day gives us an opportunity to give back to the communities where we live and work. We clean, landscape and repair parks, playgrounds, schools, shelters and community buildings.

After all, real estate is rooted in our communities. And an investment in our neighborhoods gives us all a better place to call home.

For the past 7 years Windermere Real Estate/Lane County has committed a day to helping Food For Lane County. Over 75 associates have helped weed, plant, clean, and get the Grass Roots Garden, off Coburg Road, ready for the season.